I hope that everyone’s Thanksgiving was a wonderful time of celebration with family and friends, and a time to really reflect on our lives, and how we truly have been blessed. I was here in Athens and celebrated the holiday with our teammates…enjoying delicious turkey, mashed potatoes…even cranberries!!! Brett, as many of you know, traveled back to Chicago to stand up in a close friend’s wedding – so he was able to catch up with both of our families and many friends there. While he was away, the girls here threw a surprise baby shower and just really blew me away! I had no idea about it – so either they’re incredibly sneaky or (and probably the most likely case…) I’m not necessarily the most observant person. :) I had such a lovely time with everyone. We played a few cute shower games – the highlight being one where we had to figure out what was in each of four diapers…by either smelling or tasting it, if you were daring to get close enough to it. Regardless, it was a little gross to think about – because all of them looked to be quite realistic for what diapers would look like when used…but, really funny to try to figure it out! The girls all stamped, and wrote little notes for our little girl, when she’s old enough to understand and appreciate them, and just know that she’s loved! I just felt so cared for, and so much love from the girls here, and it just really made me feel even more at home. We’ve been doing a lot to prepare for her to come – between appointments now with the doctor and midwife, doing a little shopping, and enjoying sharing in the fun of the baby showers. A few weeks back, in Chatham, the ladies from church held a shower for us – and at Thorn Creek this week they’re going to be celebrating for us too! So it’s really been a blessing for us, to help us prepare for our little girl – and just such a fun way to connect with everyone from home. So, if she arrives on schedule…we’ll get to meet her in only about five weeks!!! Wow!!! :)

2 thoughts on “A few days away…

  1. Kris~

    I am so happy for you! And I think the baby should be named after the roommate you lived with the longest…..ME

    Love you!
    Sarah :-)

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