Today’s edition of the International Herald Tribune has an excellent article on the refugee situation in Greece – specifically how this year has seen a marked increase in illegal immigrants. I continue to be amazed at the lengths some will go to enter Europe (I am sure that it is much the same as the Mexico-US border). The desperation of those who are willing to risk their lives in order find a better future makes me uncomfortable with the ease of my life. This is just something to which I (and likely everyone else reading this) can never relate. Here is a link to the article; it well worth the read. Here is a short clip:

Would-be immigrants – Iraqis, Palestinians, Afghanis and others – are arriving here in numbers bigger than ever before. Their ranks are swollen by a “huge and very sudden influx” that began in September, according to Pangiotis Papadimitriou, the border monitoring officer for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. CONTINUE READING HERE.

Picture by Giorgos Papanikolaou/Reuters via IHT

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