Despite our best efforts, no sign yet of baby Sanner – besides the usual kicking and whatnot. The original due date is January 5th. We wouldn’t be so anxious if it were not for the doctor telling us that he thinks she will come “this weekend” for the last three weeks.
In ministry news, today I (Brett) got back to the normal swing of things after a week off. It is the team’s tradition (and the tradition of much of Greece) to take off the week between Christmas and New Year’s day. In fact, the “Christmas celebration” here continues to the 6th of January, when Greeks celebrate Jesus’ baptism (“the epiphany”). Although the time off was much needed, it is good to be back. I look forward to reconnecting with some refugee friends tomorrow (our first Tea House since Christmas). Please pray for our team and ministry:

1. For our new leadership. On January 1st, a different couple took over the daily leadership of the team. Please pray for their direction and insight. Pray also that the team will be receptive to their style and stance.
2. In the same vein, please pray the team unity.
3. Pray for the Nest (the housing/discipleship ministry I oversee). Pray for wisdom and patience as I seek to iron out some of the difficulties experienced in its first two weeks of operation.
4. Rejoice in the Lord that the first resident of the Nest accepted Jesus as Lord just before Christmas. Pray for his growth and maturity. Pray also for others like him – who are in need of the peace and purpose that only Jesus can bring.

2 thoughts on “Quiet on all Fronts

  1. So glad for the update – although I was hoping to log on and find one saying that Kristin was in labor! :) Praying for you guys and thankful for this avenue that keeps us in touch so easily. Miss you!

  2. We keep checking back for updates and praying for the safe arrival of Baby Sanner! :-) We are enjoying the more frequent updates as well. Praying for your ministry and the safe arrival of your miracle. Dan, Pam and Trevor

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