This morning we experienced our first Greek earthquake. It was about a quarter after 7 this morning. We were both awake, but still lying in bed talking. Suddenly our bed began to shake as if one of us were jumping on it. At the same time, we heard something like thunder. It wasn’t storming outside – so apparently this was the sound of the earthquake itself (or its effects). Our bed shook for about 15 seconds. We were never scared, simply because it took us the entire 15 seconds to figure out what was happening. The thought process was something like this: What was that noise outside? Is it storming? Hey, is our bed shaking? Is Kristin doing that? Am I doing that? Oh, I think it is an earthquake. And by this point, the earthquake is over. We might have felt one aftershock, but nothing significant. We read this morning that the quake registered as a 6.5 – the biggest earthquake either of us have experienced (actually it’s the first earthquake that either of us have knowingly experienced – I’ve slept through 2 very small ones). The BBC is reporting that there is no significant damage (people or property) – read their report here. We thank God for that!
Still no baby news. The official due date was yesterday (the 5th). So, as they say here: perimenoume ola mazi (we wait all together). We’ll let you know asap, when she makes an appearance.

3 thoughts on “Shaky-Shaky

  1. Kristin and Brett, We hope you are all doing well. I have been checking daily for news of Baby Sanner. I can’t wait! You are all in our prayers we miss you guys! Love, Miriam and Derek

  2. I just wanted you two to know that I prayed really hard this morning for that baby girl to come out healthy, very very soon!!! :)

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