I’m glad to report that Kristin and Sofia are both doing great! Sofi has taken a liking to sleeping, nursing, and looking adorable – all of which are age appropriate activities. Kristin has also come to realize the joys of an afternoon nap. Both girls are expected back home on Saturday. The four night hospital stay is normal in the Greek private health care system – and Kristin has really appreciated the extra care. In addition to a long hospital stay (by American standards), Kristin has also been meeting regularly with a mid-wife. They discuss everything from cream application to nursing techniques, from bathing to burping. Good times. We have been overwhelmed by everyone’s notes of love and encouragement. Thanks so much! I print them off to take to Kristin; she really enjoys hearing from everyone. Enjoy a few more shots from the last two days.

We’ve been so blessed – what else can I say!

Sofi’s little feet are Kristin’s favorite part!

Some bonding time…

and some napping time.

The hospital is very near to the new Olympic Stadium. This is the view from Kristin’s room – not bad.This picture (from the 8th) is my favorite so far.

3 thoughts on “Back by Popular Demand

  1. Loved the new pictures on Flikr. What a beautiful grandbaby we have. Enjoyed the new blog too. Keep all the pictures coming.

    Love, Dad and Mom Jorna

  2. I just had to leave another messaged and let you know how often I have been thinking about you this week. Becoming a parent is one of the most wonderful blessings I have experienced. I know you too are loving it. I encourage you to take lots of video … even now when it seems as though she really isn’t doing anything big. You will love looking back and seeing how small she was, listen to her baby squeaks and see the baby stretches. Kristin, Kate’s feet were one of my parts too!!! (even at nearly 4 years – they still are) I don’t know what it is about them – they are just so precious. Remember to get a purse size calendar with big squares and write all the little things that Sofia does and experiences. It is so much easier to pull that out really quick and jot a note and then you won’t forget something in her baby book. (in fact, get two – one for your purse and one for the diaper bag – it will help capture those memories easily)

    Enjoy yourselves and kiss that baby for all of us who love her because of our love for both of you.

  3. She takes my breath away. Love that last picture, Brett – and love her tiny feet, too! Kristin, only you could give birth and look so amazing radiant immediately afterward. Praise God for the wonderful and attentive care you’ve been receiving. Praying for you in these first few days with Sofia and hoping you feel peace and joy as you settle into your new lives with her. Love you!

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