Sofia and Mom safely made the trek from hospital to home yesterday. Sofi seems to be taking to her new digs – although we’re still learning our new responsibilities. (e.g. We never had to change her diaper while she was in the hospital. Now she seems to enjoy using such bodily functions while we are in the process of changing her diaper. I think I detect a smirk on her face right before she shares her “special skills” with us – typical Sanner.) Enjoy a few pictures from her first day at home!

A big yawn before packing up at the hospital.
Home in one piece – what an adventure.

A good rest after a good meal (another typical Sanner attribute).

Her new bed.

Sleeping like an angel (or at least we assume that this is what an angel would look like if angels even take naps – I scanned my concordance but didn’t see any references to sleeping celestial beings. Oh, the things we say.)

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hi Sanners Family!
    We are sooooo excited–welcome Sofi! You are such a beautiful gorgeous baby! Kristin you look great & already look like a natural mom! Brett you look like such a proud papa! We would love to run over and see Sofi—we’ll be over in a day or so…wishful thinking :) Many blessings and thrills to come…we love you all 3!
    Love the Groen Gang

  2. Kris and Brett! Yea! You have a baby! She is so cute! You were late like my sis who gave birth a week late to her 4th….crazy. Where can I send you something? I have a “special thing” I send to all new mom’s I know! Love you and miss you!

    Your roomie :-)

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