Sorry for the delay in posting, but these have been busy times. In addition to having a newborn in the house (who is doing quite well by the way), we’ve seen one crowd after another at the Tea House ministry. For the third straight month, we’ve been averaging over 700 meals each day! To put this into perspective, a teammate recently provided this statistical breakdown (average number of meals served per Tea House): January 2006, 288; January 2007, 406; January 2008, 701! Roughly 43% of our current guests are Afghans and about 26% are Iraqis (the other 30% is pretty even spread between N. Africans, Palestinians, Iranians, and Somalis.). So, yeah, we’re swamped. Please pray for our whole team during this time:
Pray that we would not see merely a mass of people, but that we see individuals and still foster personal relationships with as many refugees as possible.
Pray for a renewed sense of vision and unity within our team.
Pray that we would find rest and practice the holy habit of Sabbath.
Pray for our refugee friends, many of who are living in very difficult situations.
Pray for continued spiritual hunger within the lives of our refugee friends, and for the continued growth of those who have found Christ.

Sofi and Grandma

One thought on “Crowds

  1. Looks like Grandma is enjoying her time with Sofi. I love seeing new pictures. Thank you!!!

    I will pray that the increased # of people will also mean increased opportunities to share Jesus.

    Take care and know that we love you.

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