Here is a portion (edited) of a teammate’s recent prayer update. He oversees the Persian Christian Fellowship – an outreach to Farsi-speaking (Iranians and Afghanis) refugees:

Since November, many Afghanis have come to Helping Hands at the Athens Refugee Center (ARC). Afghanis who were living in Iran for many years have been forced to leave by the present regime.

These Afghanis fill the Tea House ministry three times a week and the Persian Christian Fellowship (PCF) every Sunday. 50 new FAMILIES have joined us in the last few months; about half of the all the people currently coming to the ARC are from Afghanistan. They come to hear and listen to the preaching of the Word of God at the PCF. Some of them cannot stand to hear that Jesus is the Son of God, some of them become interested to get more information after hearing the preaching, some are seeking for the truth, some are coming only for food after the fellowship or to see their fellow Afghanis, and the Lord opens some of their hearts to Him and His changing power.

In amazing ways, God used “S”, the Afghan young man who was deported recently from England. In God’s perfect timing, he arrived in Greece this past fall when so many new Afghanis were coming into the country. One of our teammates met and ministered to him at Tea House, then gave him the New Believer’s Bible Study material to answer the questions in Farsi. In only a week he finished and answered accurately the questions all by himself. We saw that he was very interested to find answers to all the questions he had about Christianity, and he quickly grasped the truth.

He is staying in a small apartment with many other Afghans. Some of them spoke against him and threatened him because of his faith, but he was not discouraged by their attitude. He just kept sharing his testimony of how he came to know the truth and, one by one, he brought them to the Seekers Class where they could study the Word and discuss their questions with our staff. There were five of them with “S” who are all now attending the PCF, and “S” is now active in service to the Lord.

Thank you for always standing with us in prayer.

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