Believe it or not, today marks the one month anniversary of Sofi’s arrival! We celebrated yesterday with our one month doctor check-up. I’m glad to report that everything is a-okay! Actually, I (Brett) have been keeping my distance from Sofia, since I’ve recently come down with the flu (or something like it). No fun. In fact, I’ve rarely left our bedroom. Although the illness has given me some extra reading time – check out Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” for insight into Afghanistan and refugees (and hear that his “A 1000 Splendid Suns” is likewise insightful, but I haven’t gotten there yet). Anyhow, here are some pictures so that you can join in on our fun. Wish you were here…

What a cutie!

Showing off her strong neck.

Dancers in Syntagma Square get the city whipped into a Valentine’s frenzy.
(It’s less than a week away – don’t what until Wednesday night!)

My two Valentines girls!

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. The Kite Runner is an AWESOME book! Enjoy!

    And love the photos of Sofia. Especially the one of your two valentine girls! Keep the photos coming!

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