On this Valentine’s Day, here’s a little piece from a former professor of mine at LCS (Bob Lowery). You can find his blog here. He originally wrote this for the new year, but now seemed like as good of time as any to share (anyhow, if you’re like me, by this time you’ve forgot your original new year’s resolution… so this is a good time for a reminder).

As we begin the New Year, may we do so with a renewed commitment to serving God so that at the end of 2008 (if the Lord has not returned, of course!) we will be found faithful, particularly in how we study and apply God’s Written Word. Accordingly, may we commit ourselves to the following:

  • To interpret and apply Scripture wisely and sensitively;
  • To enter into the world of the text, dwell there for a while, and wrestle with it before we try to bring the text to our world;
  • To be open to surprise as we study Scripture, to be taken aback, to be disarranged by texts we thought we “controlled” or knew;
  • To see ourselves as practical theologians, engaging analytically, constructively, and lovingly Scripture and the practice of ministry;
  • To keep a conversation going between the text and tradition, not only looking at recently written commentaries and other resources from journal articles to websites but also in going back to the early centuries of the church;
  • To ask the big questions, questions that excite the imagination, questions that may turn popular (and sometimes traditional!) readings on their head;
  • To discover how to combine loyalty to Scripture and criticism (I use this word in its true sense, namely, explanation) as well as combining devotion (I use this word in the sense of devoting ourselves to using our minds when reading God’s Word) and creativity;
  • To balance our personal study of Scripture with studying Scripture within the Christian community;
  • To interact with others without becoming parrots of others;
  • To be content to live with uncertainties with regard to what we perceive to be difficult texts in Scripture and the certainty of our beliefs;
  • I didn’t include every point, so you can finish the article HERE.

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