Praying Friends:
Thanks so much for your continued support, encouragement, and prayers! As you can imagine, there have been innumerable changes in our lives over the past two months, since the arrival of Sofi, but we couldn’t be more appreciative of God’s continued grace and provision. We have seen God’s grace in each of your notes of encouragement and gifts of support. Thank you! Please find our most recent (Feb. 22, 2008) prayer update HERE.

In addition to the prayer requests found in the update, which are related to the Nest ministry, please continue to pray for our family:
Pray as we adjust to new schedules and new responsibilities (at home and at work);
Pray as we attempt to find balance between ministry, school, church, and home;
Pray for our continued strength and endurance (physically, emotionally, spiritually);
Pray for a renewed passion for the Lord, a deeper devotion and closer walk with Christ.

By God’s Grace:
Brett, Kristin, & Sofia

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