Another Friday here in Athens. Kristin, Sofi, and I are enjoying life together. The ministry is going well (I have a good story that I’ll share on Monday or Tuesday). We’re just taking life one day at a time… here are some pictures from this week.

Children indulge in a game of “Pile on Brett” at a Family Night last Friday. Family Nights are an opportunity to invite families of a particular language group (in this case Arabic) together to share food and build relationships.

Kristin and the Cottrell girls at a recent team fellowship night. This was Kristin and Sofi’s first “team activity” since Sofi’s arrival!

Sofi and dad taking a nap.

STRIKE! Today is day seven of a garbage strike in the city of Athens. Many city services (from garbage to electricity, buses to subways) have been striking over the past week or so in protest of proposed pension reforms. We’ll keep you updated as the pile grows (something to look forward to!). We are now thankful that we live a block and a half from the nearest dumpsters.

Themis, Ilir and I taking a break during a one-day prayer retreat at the ancient city of Corinth (just an hour or so outside of Athens).

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