Although it often does not follow the patterns that we expect, God is at work. Here are two very different stories from refugees here in Athens, both of which point to God’s hand in their journeys.

1. A young Kurdish man, “Z,” announced his faith in Jesus Christ last week. “Z” left Iraq almost two years ago, seeking work, safety, and a future. Despite his work-ethic and positive attitude, “Z” did not find the golden opportunities here in Greece that he had expected. Two months ago, “Z” was referred to me as a potential resident for our Nest ministry. Although “Z” was raised as a Muslim, he was not practicing. In fact, he was suspicious of all religions because of the fanaticism of many of the Muslims he knew back in Iraq, yet at the same time wanted to know more about Jesus. “Z” spent a lot of time with our team at the Tea House ministry, helping us clean up afterwards and sharing in our conversations and jokes. Slowly, over the last two months of staying at the Nest, helping at the Tea House, and asking questions about the Bible, “Z” decided that he wanted something more out of life – the kind of life he saw lived out by the Christians around him. Please pray for “Z” – that his faith and understanding would steadily deepen as he begins to live out his new life in Christ.

2. On Tuesday I was approached by two Afghan refugees. It was their first time at our Tea House ministry; they were hoping to speak with someone about their situation in private. We stepped outside to find a quiet place to talk. These two men told me that they had recently escaped from a jail in Afghanistan (after paying off the guard with a few hundred dollars) and paid a “contact” to get them into Europe. They were jailed in Afghanistan under the suspicion that they had changed their religion (which turned out to be true). These men had met a missionary serving in Afghanistan and accepted Christ several month ago. However, their time with the missionary had raised some suspicions and both men were arrested. Several weeks after buying their freedom, these two men arrived in Greece. They sought only one thing, the peace/freedom to grow in their faith and understanding of Christ. Please praying for these two friends as they begin to study the Bible in earnest and start a new life in Europe.

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