This past Sunday, Brett, Sofia and I had an adventurous afternoon, and took a hike up nearby Lykavitos Hill. I thought we’d be out for about two hours or so, but it was closer to three and a half, and in those hours on our way up the hill, we got to see the wildflowers blooming, trees just starting to bud and flower, plants actually alive and looking quite well (before the summer months come and scorch them). And, we just had a lovely time exploring, and feeling like we weren’t completely surrounded by a man-made city, but could really enjoy God’s creation and each other as we were exploring. It was a great way to escape the city, without having to even go too far. I put up a couple pictures from our walk, so you can enjoy it with us. :)
Later that night, when Brett went into the Nest for a few hours, I feel like I went from just feeling so high and enjoying being here, to just feeling so far from home and everyone there that we love. Sometimes I really do feel like we’re on a pendulum, just swinging back and forth between having such a definite feeling that, yes, we know that this is where we belong and it is good, to wondering why or if this is really where God can use us best. But then again, after a good night of sleep, everything seems better again.

One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. My prayers are with you, dear friend. Know that you are missed from this side of the Atlantic, as well – and loved, very much!

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