Dear Praying Friends:

Greetings and love from Athens. Beginning today our team is taking a week away from the daily grind of the Athens Refugee Center (ARC) in order to renew our hearts before God (it’s too easy to burn out in this sort of work) and seek God’s face concerning our ministry over the summer. The bottom line is this: the crowds continue to grow (we’re averaging between 800-850 people now!) and our team will begin to shrink considerably in the next two months. Some of our teammates are taking furloughs to visit supporting churches, while others are leaving the team to pursue ministry elsewhere. We are excited about what God is doing here, but know that our current format will be difficult to sustain during the summer as our staff is reduced by almost half. I invite you to join us in prayer:

1. Please pray for our team. After a week of prayer, we will gather back together to discuss what God might be saying to us as a ministry. Pray that we be united in purpose and vision. Pray for a clear leading from the Lord. Pray for humble and flexible hearts as change often stirs resentment and fear. Pray that above all God is honored in the decisions we make.

2. Please pray for our refugee friends. Pray for the continued maturity, growth, and safety of refugee believers. Pray for the new refugees that continue to fill the ARC – for the provision of their basic needs, for their openness to the Gospel. There is often a tension in the ministry: do we seek to do more (visit more, give more, etc.) for less people, or do less for more people? While each is appropriate, it is our hope that a new schedule/program at the ARC will offer more time and opportunities to develop deeper relationships with refugee friends – present and future.

3. Please pray for the Nest ministry. There are currently five men staying at the Nest, each at a unique place in the spiritual journey. Please pray for their continued growth in Christ as they try to balance the demands of work (or finding work), finding an apartment of their own, and completing the necessary paperwork to become legal here in Greece. It is easy to become depressed in their situation, so please pray for their encouragement and steadfastness.

4. Please pray for our family. We are just beginning our life-long course in parenting. Sofia is doing well, and bringing immeasurable joy into our lives. Pray for Kristin as she adjusts to spending so much time at home, which she loves but often gets a bit stir-crazy. Pray for me (Brett) also, as I learn to balance my time between home, ministry, and language school.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and love!

– Brett, Kristin, & Sofia

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