I realize that in a foreign country with a language that is not English, I should be willing to work hard and try to learn the language to feel really like a part of what’s going on here, and to feel like I’m really engaging myself where we’re at. I however, in being pregnant, and having little energy to get done the essentials here at home, I haven’t had much extra energy for language learning, (which is definitely not one of my strong points). But, as Sofia’s starting to sleep a little longer at night, and I keep having exchanges with neighbors or others in the neighborhood, where I just have to admit to myself that I have no idea what they’re saying, I’m starting to feel more ready to work at it again.
Just before having Sofia, I went for a haircut, b/c I’d waited way too long, b/c I dread having to figure out some of this stuff sometimes, so, I picked the place b/c it had good rates, the only downfall, was that no one spoke any English there. So, to my own chagrin, I thought that my gestures would be enough, that the stylist would understand and figure out what I wanted my hair to look like… that definitely was not the case. After an afternoon of trying to figure out if I could live with the way my hair had been cut, and everything else there…I had to go back, b/c I just thought it was awful… now, whose fault is that? Um…yeah…I’d say the girl who doesn’t know any Greek.

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