In my life thus far, I feel like there have been very few incidences that I have experienced a great sense of loss. While growing up, I only remember well the passing of my grandma Jorna, because I was already in college at that point, and was able to see her health deteriorate significantly. I just learned today of the passing of a dear woman, whose house I used to play at quite frequently as a child. Her kids and grandkids were wonderful playmates to me, and she was just so gracious to always let us come to play, and just had the warmest smile to welcome us in. A friend in this past week also lost her unborn baby prematurely, and has to work her way through the grieving process, knowing that her child is now with Jesus. Through the stories of the refugees that I’ve heard, in their attempts to leave their homes, I am amazed at the suffering and loss that so many have endured. In the midst of these losses, and the sorrow that accompanies these experiences, I am again reminded of how incredibly blessed we are to have a Savior who loves us and is ready to take us home with him, when it’s our time. Whether it’s as a young baby, or when life has been lived to its fullest, I continue to be humbled and amazed at how God loves and sustains us through everything.

One thought on “Loss

  1. Poignant thoughts, Kristin, and many I’ve shared with you on behalf of my own friends this week. What a joy to know that we have salvation through Christ and that because of him, even our mourning can be turned to dancing.

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