It’s been a bit of a slow blogging week, due to my mixed up schedule. But thanks for your patience! The team has been meeting together all week and should have some sort of solution – which will guide our short-staffed team between now and September 1st – worked out by Saturday. Thanks for your continued prayers. Enjoy some new photos below.

Our first family portrait with everyone looking – way to go Sofi!

Today Naomi flies back to London in order to prepare for a new baby to join the family (due in early July, I believe). Here Kristin and Carolyn give her a baby blanket they’d made for her.

Kristin and I celebrated her birthday (April 7th) with a scenic walk (what qualifies as ‘excitement’ really changes when you have children, hey?!).

I don’t know what exactly Kristin was going for in this picture, but I liked it anyway! Sofia celebrated her three month birthday this week.

This pictures a bit old (as dated per Sofi’s size), but our team is mourning the approaching departure of the Wilson’s from Greece. They will be moving back to the UK to work with refugees there. You’ll be missed!!!

2 thoughts on “Friday's Photos

  1. I love these photos! Especially the one of the two of you on your walk. Is it really true? Could Sofi be THREE MONTHS already?! Can’t believe how quickly it’s flashing by. Love you guys and miss you a whole bunch.

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