Here is a short video of Sofia sharing the joy – and making noises of all sorts. It has been amazing to watch her explore the world, and to hear her test her vocal range. If you listen carefully, you will hear the beginnings of her first “papa” (or “baba” if she decides to speak Greek first). Thanks for your continued prayers and love!

6 thoughts on “Bring the Noise

  1. We think that video is sooooooooo cute!! Grandma and Grandpa Sanner love to see her and hear how much she is learning and growing… Give her hugs and Kisses from us.

  2. I love the video! The little noises are so great! It’s so cute how she’s making all kinds of little squeaks and squeals (and other sounds) :)

  3. The video is great! We are grateful for the technology that allows us to listen to Sofia. She is a darling! Please give her a hug & kiss from us.

  4. Sofi is just too prescious! She is definitely a girl talking so much :) I can’t believe how quickly she is growing…she keeps getting cuter & cuter even when it doesn’t seem possible..she must take after her mom :) Missing you guys a lot & praying for you daily!


  5. We loved the video. It makes us feel like we are right there. She’s really making a lot of noises even those unexpected ones were cute. Keep the videos coming. Love, Mom and Dad J.

  6. Hi Brett & Kristin! Paul & Emma shared your site with me. You were still awaiting Sofi’s arrival when I came out in November. What a sweetheart! She’s a beautiful little girl. I can see she’s testing her voice out…too fun! Hope you’re both doing well! Northern California is warming up…not quite beach weather, but getting there.


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