America may have “E PLURIBUS UNUM” (“out of many, one”), but we have “URBS IN HORTO” – and Chicago is just that, a “City in a Garden.” The beauty of Chicago is something that we have come to appreciate while here in Athens. The city of Athens experienced huge growth after WWII. The city grew so quickly that parks and open spaces were an afterthought at best (a serious problem that the city is attempting to address now – decades later). Anyway, we love Chicago – and miss it like a dear friend. A friend of mine recently pointed me in the direction of this article. Chicago has been named as the U.S. City of the Year by Fast Company magazine. This is a very well-written article by Alex Kotlowitz, who – incidentally – is one of my favorite authors (There are No Children Here; The Other Side of the River). Read the article HERE. Here are some fun facts from the article:
1. Chicago’s has the 7th highest estimated population growth 2007. It is the only non-Sunbelt city to make the top ten.
2. Chicago’s economy is expected to grow faster than that of L.A. or NYC in 2008.
3. 29% of downtown residents possess graduate degrees (3x the national average).
4. Chicago has been ranked as the number 1 city from business investment or expansion by Site Selection magazine for 6 of the last 7 years.
5. Chicago is home to 30 Fortune 500 Companies (2nd only to NYC).

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