We had to buy a fan today. It’s getting hot. The last two days have been in the mid-90’s – and it’s only May! I know that those of you in Chicago – who are still in the 50’s – might think that the warmth sounds great. We, however, know that we’ll have to deal with another 3 or 4 months of temperatures in the 90’s and above, so we’re not quite so thrilled. The weather is supposed to cool down over the weekend, so we’re already looking forward to the break from the heat.

Also two teammates left Athens this week:
1.) Continue to pray for the Gary and Naomi. Gary left last night to join Naomi in London where they will be anticipating the arrival of a new baby boy (due at the end of June). The doctors are nervous about the amount of water on the baby’s brain, which could end up being nothing or could lead to problems in the baby’s development. Please pray for these teammates, their twin 2 year old, and the new baby on the way.
2.) The Cottrell family is leaving Greece today in order to head back to Australia. They will be spending the next six months in the land down under, raising support and visiting churches. They hope to return to Athens in late December, so please join us in asking for God’s provision as they seek to raise the necessary support to minister here.

Plus, one more family is one their way:
1.) Kent & Myrna Morley (yes, they have the same names as Kristin’s parents!) sent out an email yesterday that said they believe all the necessary arrangements have been made to sell their house in Oregon, and they hope to relocate to Greece sometime over the summer (July?). Thank God for His provision, and please pray that all the contract signings will go without a hitch.

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