Due to some busyness preparing for her parents’ arrival, Kristin’s blog post will be coming later in the week. We are excited for their arrival tomorrow afternoon. As you eagerly await something from Kristin, I wanted to give you a short update about the Nest ministry – our housing and discipleship ministry. Although I might have expected otherwise, now that summer is here, I have been quite busy with requests to stay at the house. We currently have a full house – 11 people in all – and hope to open another room (with 6 more beds) later this month. God has been at work in the lives of the guests. Let me share the story of one recent guest:

“Ali” recently came to Greece from North Africa, where he had a career in the military. Unlike most immigrants who come to Europe through Greece, Ali wasn’t seeking a better job or anything of the like. Ali simply wanted the freedom to practice his religion. Nearly a year ago, Ali first heard the basic gospel message through an evangelistic radio program (radio being a very difficult media to control). In response, Ali requested more information about Jesus and eventually turned his heart to Christ. Ali, however, knew the difficulties facing Christians in his home country. They are not free to meet together for worship; if you are a believer, it is difficult to find (or keep) a good job; there is regular harassment by the police. Although a difficult choice, Ali decided to leave his home in order to seek God more fully. Ali has been in Greece for about a month, and has demonstrated a strong desire to know God more deeply. With the help of a translator, we have begun an Arabic language Bible study. Ali’s hunger for the Word is deeply humbling and encouraging. Please pray for Ali and the other members of this small Bible study. Ali has already expressed a desire to return to his home country in the future to share the Good News with his friends and family. Pray that God would use this time in Athens to prepare Ali. Pray that God would open the doors in North Africa to a greater Christian witness – especially Arab believers returning to their homeland.

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