Here is a recent BBC article on the experience of refugees in Greece. The Greek government has come under international condemnation for what many consider its “sinful” and “abusive” treatment of asylum seekers (i.e. those seeking the particular protections granted uniquely to refugees). Greece is truly between a rock and a hard place: the government doesn’t have the resources to deal with the flood of humanity crossing its boarders each year; many other European nations condemn Greece, and yet enjoy the geographic buffer it provides them.

Allegations that Greek police are abusing, threatening and torturing asylum seekers are clearly taken very seriously in Athens.

The man responsible for the treatment of immigrants is well-briefed with specific details to refute claims of mistreatment. Spokesman for the Public Order Department of the Interior Ministry, Athanasios Andreolakos, offers the BBC more than an hour of his time and is eager to defend his country’s international reputation.

Continue the article HERE. It’s worth your time if you want to understand the frustration and rage that many of people we work with feel.

This illustrates the growing pressure Greece faces to deal with a literal flood of people crossing its boarders, which are nearly impossible to patrol well due to the dozens of islands near the Turkish coast.

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