Here in Greece, recycling is a pretty new idea. On busy corners, there are new boxes up that allow people to turn in their old batteries, cell phones, bottles and cans, and discard their trash to be used again. For those of you who have babies, you know that diapers don’t take too long to pile up either – and considering how many babies go through until they’re totally out of them – it’s a whole lot of trash! So, for you who would like to save the planet one baby step at a time – this may be for you. We ordered for Sofia some cloth diapers from a lovely company – – and wanted to recommend them to all of you who are having babies, or know those who are thinking of it. We have the one-size diapers, which are a far jump ahead from the standard rectangle shape flat diaper. I know I’m getting excited about diapers, but these things are really pretty cool – and can snap to fit newborns to toddlers, and are really easy to clean – and not gross, like you might think. So, if you have any inkling toward taking this sort of little step to do your part for the planet…check them out. They get two thumbs up from me. :)

One thought on “For the planet…

  1. :) I love that you’re getting excited about diapers. We did cloth with Abigail from the time she was about 2 months till 10 or so. It really wasn’t much more work than disposable. The only problem I had was that the baby clothes now are fitted with disposable diapers in mind! The poor kid was 10 months old and I couldn’t squeeze her bottom into 18-month pants! That’s when we finally stopped. I’ve been doing them off and on with Dana, but she’s getting to the same point now already. But I’ve gone back to cloth with Abigail now that we’re potty training, cuz she can feel when she’s wet! Anyway, enjoy!! :) :)

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