We hope that you enjoy the fourth of July festivities today. Eat an extra hamburger or brat for us! We did have a joint 4th of July/Canada Day party on Monday at a local beach – good times. In other news, we thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Kristin’s parents, who left for Chicago on Wednesday morning. Later today, the ministry will host an Arabic outreach night, with special help from a visiting Egyptian church! I’m looking forward to it, and will give you a report next week. As always, thanks for your prayers and support!

Last Friday we took 16 Afghani kids on a day trip to a playground/soccer field and the beach. Despite their looks of confidence, they were all deathly afraid to leave the raft!

And, of course, what picnic is complete without a little watermelon.

Sofia and I on a walk.

The only difficult part is balancing Sofi; she wants to touch each car that we pass.

One thought on “Friday Photos – Fourth of July

  1. Let us know when you can also balance a live chicken between your feet and some fresh bread on a plank on your head. There’s room for another child on the luggage box.

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