This week has been an interesting mix of saying goodbyes, and a few unexpected experiences as we get back to normal. My parents have made it back home again after a lovely visit here with us. I’m sure as they wake up in the morning, it’s not quite the same without Sofia’s lovely little face (and ours too) smiling back at them! So, we will miss them.

To celebrate for the 4th, we had a nice little beach outing with our team and cookout. Yea holidays! To end the evening with some excitement, upon returning home, I put Sofia to bed. Looking toward the door of her room, I saw something that definitely didn’t belong there – and proceeded to very irrationally freak out and make Brett come deal with our visitor. It was a little lizard, about five inches or so – including his tail. Brett, the brave soul that I am not, proceeded to catch him in a glass, and then remove him from our apartment — much to my delight. However, when I went back by Sofia’s doorway, I found his tail continuing to move all around the floor without him! YUCK!!! At midnight, I have to say, I don’t necessarily deal so rationally with these kinds of things. I certainly wasn’t going to touch it, but when Brett came by to find it – it had flopped away somewhere. Much to my chagrin, it took a bit for me to fall asleep that night, thinking the tail or relatives of the lizard himself may be coming by to see us! Ugh.

Last thoughts – as I consider preparing dinner in a few minutes, I have to admit that sometimes I’m just not so daring. Sofia and I just got back from the farmers’ market in our neighborhood, and on the way home we passed the fish vendors. One friendly man offered us, for free mind you, two lovely fish heads — for soup. Sad enough to say, this one here wasn’t quite ready to tackle that this week… maybe next week I’ll feel a bit more adventurous. Until then…enjoy a few photos from our neighborhood market.

(a few of the smaller fish ready to be taken home!)

(a glimpse of the cabbage and vine leaves, and other delightful veggies)

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