As you may know, one of my primary responsibilities here is to oversee our housing ministry: the Nest. The Nest provides housing for refugee friends with whom we (the team) have a standing relationship. In addition to this, the Nest affords ideal opportunities for relationship building, outreach, and discipleship. Please continue to pray for this ministry. Pray for the new believers who live here, for their maturity in faith and boldness in sharing the gospel with others. Pray for the spiritual seekers who find the Nest to be a safe place to read the bible and hear the gospel message. Also, please pray for the future of this ministry. Our current lease expires soon. Most people who have had direct dealings with the landlord assume that he will raise the rent beyond what we can pay. Please pray for God’s provision – whether we stay at our current location or must relocate.

Some stats from the Nest:
11 Guests –
4 Iraqi Kurds
1 Iraqi Arab
1 Iranian Kurd
1 Iranian Turk
2 Iranian-Persians
1 Afghan
1 Moroccan

Currently 8 of the 11 are believers, 2 of whom came to Christ while staying at the Nest.

We have hosted total of 27 individuals since December of 2007, from total of 5 countries (Iraq – 13, Iran – 8, Afghanistan – 2, Morocco – 3, Libya – 1).
In total, 5 individuals made first time commitments to Christ while at the Nest.
In total, 10 individuals came to the Nest having previously made a commitment to Christ.

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