A few bits of personal news:

1. We have a car now! Even better, it was a free car (not including title transfer fees, insurance, gas, and future repairs, of course)! It’s an old (1996) OPEL that isn’t too pretty, but runs (at least for now). Honestly, I’d be happy to get 6 months out of it. Kristin and I have to (re)learn manual transmission; so it’ll be an adventure.

2. I picked up our friends Alex & Kirstie Pence from the airport yesterday. Alex and I grew up together. We are excited to spend time with them as they enjoy a brief stopover in Athens, as they make their way to India. They will be in India for the next four months (Alex is overseeing some work for his engineering firm). Good times!

3. Friday is a national holiday in here in Greece. The Orthodox Church celebrates the “Dormition of the Theotokos” – or the death of Mary. It’s probably the third biggest holiday here in Greece (after Easter and Christmas). For this entire week, everything is on ‘holiday schedule’ (infrequent trains, offices close early, many stores are closed). Because of this, our ministry will take an extended weekend. We’ll enjoy this time off, and be back to work on Tuesday.

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