The Athens News is a weekly English language newspaper here. Last week, the paper featured a write-up on a member of our extended team family in Athens with International Teams. In fact, some of you might remember part of Sahar’s testimony from a video we shared while raising support. Although the newspaper cut out most of the “spiritual content” of her testimony, the article offers insight both into the plight of refugees in Greece and the power of God (the unnamed hero of this story). Please, read the article HERE.

SAHAR describes herself as a troublemaker. And it wasn’t hard to cause trouble growing up in Iran.

“You’re in a box,” she said. “You can be in trouble at any moment. Anytime you might not come home. But there’s such excitement in breaking laws. Everyday in Iran I would wear makeup. Here, in Greece, I never wear makeup.” She sighed, as if disappointed.

Sahar helps acclimate other Iranian refugees to life in Greece, often clashing but sometimes cooperating with officials.

Continue reading HERE.

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