There is a refugee friend that I meet with weekly for bible study. He is from North Africa. We’ll call him “Jim.” Jim has been in Greece for a few years now. He came to find work, but his employment has been irregular at best. Part of the problem is his health. Jim was first diagnosed with leukemia well over a year ago. The doctors later changed the diagnosis to another, more rare, blood disease (the actual name of which I can never remember). The doctors have Jim on several medicines, which help with the symptoms, but Jim’s condition cannot be cured without a bone marrow transplant. Jim has been trying for several months to arrange for his sister to come to Greece from N. Africa in order to undergo this procedure. He has sought the help of several aid organizations, but has yet to receive any relevant counsel or aid. The Greek government’s refusal to provide Jim with any sort of long-term visa or work permit makes the situations all the more difficult. Please pray for this dear friend and brother. Jim has a strong and enduring faith in Christ, and a hunger to study the Word of God. Please pray for his faith during this difficult trial. Pray that God would open the necessary doors for Jim’s sister to visit Greece and provide the bone marrow transplant. Pray for God’s peace to protect Jim’s heart as he endures a number of uncertainties (health, work, immigration, etc.).

One thought on “A Friend in Need

  1. What a difficult situation. Thankfully our God is in the business of overcoming the seemingly impossible. Praying with you.

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