A few weeks back we received a phone call from a friend who knew a girl who was looking to get rid of her car – for free – to someone who could really use it. Delightfully, for us, we came to her mind. So, now we find ourselves with a car, and a much easier time (especially for Sofia and I) to get around to places further out in the city. (Currently, Brett’s the only one of us who’s learned to drive a manual…I’m working on it). But, trips that were really stressful for me – because of how long it took on public transport are a really nice treat now, to be able to get there in good time. So, a few trips to the beach later… it’s been really great.
I’m attaching a picture here too of Sofia in her jogging stroller, that we had also received from a friend who was leaving. It’s been a treat to be able to get out of the house with her and get a little exercise, or even take just a nice walk without having to work too hard to stay on or off the sidewalks.
So, we feel quite blessed and grateful for these new toys which have been such a help to us.

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