As some of you know, our friends Paul & Emma left Athens this spring. This month they’ve begun their new work – serving in a local church’s outreach to refugees in Glasgow, Scotland. I wanted to point you in the direction of their new blog so that you might get another perspective on refugee ministry and what God is doing in different locations. In the process, I asked myself, “Why not a blog entry on different blogs that we frequent?” So here it is… some are friends, others are fellow missionaries or pastors, and some are random people whose insights we’ve found… well, insightful.

Paul & Emma – Refugee Ministry (Glasgow, Scotland) –

Tim & Rachel – Refugee Ministry (Rome, Italy) –

Scot McKnight – our former professor at North Park University –

Bob Lowery – my former professor at Lincoln Christian Seminary –

Aaron Monts – a friend from LCS now planting a church in SF –

Chip & Chels – a friend from LCS now serving in Taiwan –

Eugene Cho – a reflective pastor with NPU connections in Seattle –

Kristin has some girlfriends from North Park: Melissa, Stacey, and Samara. Speaking of NPU, don’t forget John‘s media review. That’s a fair list for starters. What about you? Any blogs that you find insightful, challenging, or just fun? Do share…

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