As Sofia’s been getting bigger, I have been spending much more time in the kitchen doing prep work for her meals. Here in Greece, I spend more time in the kitchen than I would at home – just because there are so many good and fresh fruits and veggies to use. So, in lieu of buying any commercial-processed baby food, I have been spending some great time with my steamer and food processor. Sofia’s been working her way through a variety of fruits (although bananas still seem to be her top choice), and veggies… we always have to start with them to help her hunger aid in the appeal. We’ve just begun to start her out with meats yesterday – as she tasted her first bit of beef; next, we’ll try some chicken. Here, Brett and I haven’t really been making meat the central focus of our meals often – so I think we’ll be starting her on some nuts and other proteins just to help her in variety.

It’s really been a treat to be able to see how Sofia will accept different foods. It just makes us laugh to see some of her many faces when there’s something new or tart or cold, or for any other reason! It seems like it’s gone by so quickly that she’s grown and is crawling all over, and eating real food, and much more like a toddler than a little baby. All the more reason to cherish each moment and each meal with her, and enjoy each new expression as she explores something for the first time! And, on that note – back to the kitchen. (I’m having a little trouble figuring out how many different ways I can rearrange things in the freezer to make all of the ice-cube fruits and veggies fit with everything else!)

(early on in a meal – as evidenced by the fact that her bib’s not full yet!)

One thought on “Blend, Blend, Blend

  1. This is so great, Kristin – good for you (and even better for Sofia!)!!! I’ve always said this will be how I handle feeding a child if/when I have one…of course, call me on any given day when that time comes and let’s see if it’s true!! :)

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