Kristin and I have been looking to take a little vacation time for over a month now. We looked into airline tickets (Istanbul, Cairo, Vienna, and London), but all were well outside of our budgetary limits. We wanted to go in October, but, with Greek class starting and a new fall ministry schedule, we couldn’t squeeze together enough successive dates. So we made a decision: Let go this week. That right, we made all the arrangements yesterday and will leave for a five day vacation on Thursday! Where? With the cost of airline tickets, we decided to stay in-country. We will rent a car (our free-bee is not highway safe) and first go to Meteora for three nights. Meteora is a collection of very unique (tower-like) rock formations. On top of these rock towers (see the picture below) are a number of Eastern Orthodox monasteries. We’ve heard great things about the area, so we’re looking forward to it.

After three nights in Meteora, we’ll stop for two nights in Volos. Volos is a port city surrounded by some of the greatest natural beauty in Greece, as the mountains cascade downward into the sea (see picture below). We’re looking forward to some time outside of Athens, and will be sure to let you know all about it when we return (the blog will continue to add new posts in our absence, so be sure to check out Friday and Monday’s posts).

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