Here is the second of five testimonies from our baptisms last month. Again, the names have been changed, but the work of God is very real. Thanks for your continued prayers for the ministry here.

– An Iranian, Billy first heard the gospel in Turkey on his way to Greece. It was 1999; he visited a Turkish church along with several friends. His friends accepted Christ at that time, but Billy still had many questions. Billy was always drawn to religion and spirituality, having explored eastern religions and mysticism within Islam. In the midst of these religious experiences, however, Billy’s questions about Christianity were not silenced. Billy crossed-over into Greece soon after his experience at the church in Turkey. While in Greece, Billy was arrested and spent time in jail. While in prison, Billy had a vision of Jesus calling out to him, “follow me.” Billy did not know what all this meant, but prayed to Jesus for help. After his release, Billy sought out other Farsi-speaking Christians, and was eventually directed to “Andy” – a Persian Christian and a member of our ministry staff. Andy again explained to Billy the grace of God through Jesus, and what it meant to follow him. Billy, however, due to his illegal status, soon found himself back in prison. And again, while in prison, God spoke to Billy in a dream. This time, Billy took Jesus at his word and invited Him into his heart. After his release, Billy returned to our ministry to share his decision to follow Jesus. Billy entered the Nest shelter, became involved in the Persian outreach, and began asking about baptism. Billy was united with Christ in baptism on August of 2008.

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