– When Tim left Afghanistan, he knew nothing of Christianity. This remained true when Tim arrived in Greece (2007). Tim began coming to Helping Hands for the food, but soon found himself drawn to the love he saw in the lives of believers. Tim saw Christians serving others without concern for their own profit. This impacted him greatly. After approaching a Helping Hands volunteer (“Hugh”) for assistance with some immigration paperwork, Tim began asking questions about Christianity. Tim continued to observe the love of Christ in the lives of Christians at Helping Hands’ Tea House ministry and Persian outreach. Tim soon needed to know what was so special about Jesus that his followers loved and served others. Tim called Hugh several times in order to talk about Christianity. Tim moved into the Nest house in the spring, and could often be found scouring his Farsi New Testament in order to find answers about Jesus. In time, Tim accepted Jesus as his own Lord and savior, and was baptized in the spring of 2008.

One thought on “Testimony 3: "Tim"

  1. Just came across your blog…I was the apt mgr when you lived in lincoln…congrats on the baby girl and on your move to greece. looks beautiful.

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