With all the news of financial crises, baseball playoffs, and presidential elections, some news goes unnoticed. But please don’t neglect to pray for those undergoing persecution for their faith. The government of Iran is enforcing new policies directed at silencing religious minorities. Around the world, the Farsi-speaking church is growing. There are many large Farsi-speaking churches in Europe and North America today. However, the Christians in Iran do not enjoy such freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, or freedom of speech.

Our Iranian teammate shared some of the stories that he has heard coming out of Iran in recent weeks. House church pastors have been arrested and taken to secret facilities (most likely for torture). Last week, Christianity Today published an article on this new wave of persecution. Please, read it HERE. Earlier in the month, Christianity Today also ran an article highlighting the house church movement in Iran. Read it HERE. Go on the offensive in your prayer life and read up on the issues. Then, of course, pray to the One who can change hearts, change lives, and changes governments!

– Pray for the witness of the Iranian church during this time.
– Pray that believers would possess a courageous and enduring faith (Heb. 10:32-39).
– Pray for the pastors who have been arrested (their safety, their family, their witness).
– Pray for the Farsi-speaking church worldwide (their leadership, their witness, their courage).

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