Today is Sofia’s nine month birthday, and she has really become much more of a toddler than a baby over the past few weeks it seems. Brett and I have been especially entertained by her sounds – from making big, noisy raspberries, to saying ba-ba, and da-da – which he’s especially excited about. I’m waiting still to hear the ma-ma’s, but we’ve only caught a few – It must be because they’re harder to make, right? :) It seems that we have a bit of a picky eater on our hands lately – unless it’s just that I make horrible tasting food. Hmmm. We had a doctor visit this week, where she weighed in only at two hundred additional grams than she had gained from the previous month, not good. So, we’re working now to feed her just as often as she’ll take something, with the hopes that some of that will stick with her! So, for those of you who have had babies and have any suggestions, really – feel free to share – we’d love some ideas of what/how to get her to eat better.

On another note, I’ve been enjoying the chance to get out a little bit more and do some visiting with a few friends during the days, and Sofia’s learning a little about what it’s like to play with other kids. She definitely isn’t at the stage to interact and play together much with them yet, but definitely likes to be near them (i.e.-climb up on them, and potentially make them cry). So, we’ll keep visiting, and get more used to playing with others too!

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