We had a great trip to Thessaloniki (more details about that on Wednesday). Thanks for your prayers! We wanted to share a specific need of the ministry with everyone, and see if God might lead you to support this venture. Please read the letter below, written by a teammate, about the ministry’s desire to purchase a large storage room within our building. At this point, we are still about $10,000 short. You can send a check to International Teams (or give online – see the link on the left sidebar) and simply indicate that the gift is for the “Athens Refugee Ministry – Storage Unit.” Also, for planning, please let us know if you plan on sending something. Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

To our faithful friends:

Thank you for praying and supporting the team here in Athens. We wanted to make you aware of a situation that has arisen here that could have a big impact on our ministry. Since 1999 we have been renting a large storage room on the first floor of the building where we have the Athens Refugee Center (ARC). This room is a vital part of the ministry because it provides a temporary holding space for the many items donated or purchased for distribution to the refugees. We can store seasonal clothing, household items, food stuffs, strollers and play equipment. Then when these items are needed for an individual or as part of a give away day we only need to bring them upstairs. There are no other available rentals that we know of in our area. However, the man who owns the building has decided to sell the storage area. He is giving us first chance at it since we have rented it for so long but there is another business in the building who would like to buy it if we don’t. The price for this area is 32,000 euros. We realize that is a lot of money but it is a fair price for the area and we would have the option of selling it with the ARC if we ever decided to move. The owner needs an answer very soon; therefore we need wisdom as well as additional funds if we are to buy this. We have available to borrow (from another fund) $20,000 (dollars not euros) but that is obviously not enough to cover it. Will you pray with us about this and as you are praying would you ask the Lord whether he would have you be a part in providing the needed funds? We are so grateful for all you do to support this work and this room makes all of our lives here much easier and allows us to minister more effectively to the refugees. Thank you so much.

Helping Hands Staff

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