Hey Everyone! Thanks for your prayers and ongoing support. Below is a text-only version of our October update. Or, if you prefer, feel free to download a copy from our website, HERE.

The Simple Things: Over and over, God has used small things to make great changes in the lives of refugees.

Honestly, we – as a ministry – really don’t have much to offer tangibly. We give a small meal; a warm smile and a sympathetic ear; for some, a quick shower and fresh set of clothes. The needs of the refugees (e.g. employment, housing, residency) extend far beyond what we can provide.

Yet God has faithfully taken these small things – things that I take for granted everyday – and has done great works. God has used these simple things as symbols of His love and a means of drawing people to Himself.

I am humbled by God’s work here. Our grand plans prove vain. Our training and education prove inadequate. Our only hope is God Himself.

August is a time of movement here in Greece. Many refugees left Athens, whether heading home or further into Europe. At the same time, many refugees (hundreds every day) crossed over from Turkey into Greece. Over the last month, we’ve seen many new faces, heard many new stories, and have been unable to meet many new needs. Yet God faithfully uses simple things (a small meal and a listening ear) to do great works.

Please pray that God will continue to use these simple things to do great works for His Kingdom. Pray for the hundreds of Afghans, Iranians, and Iraqis who will hear the gospel for the first time! Pray that God would call people to Himself through faith in Jesus! Pray that God would prepare believers to take the Gospel back into countries that do not allow Western missionaries! In the midst of all this, pray for the strength and health of our team and family!
Again, thank you!

By God’s Grace:
Brett and Kristin

Family News:
– Sofia continues to grow: attempting her first steps; stringing together syllables; and generally making her will known to all!
– Kristin enjoys hosting guests as often as possible, showing hospitality to refugees and offering encouragement to teammates.
– Brett is back in Greek class, exploring new verb tenses and grammatical anomalies.
– We’ll be in Illinois from Dec. 20th – Jan. 10th. We look forward to introducing Sofia to family and friends over Christmas

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