Here is another testimony from one of the young men baptized in August. Please continue to pray for this brother. Last week he left Athens to find work on one of the Greek islands. Please pray that he would continue to grow in his walk with Christ. Pray for his safety and success in finding work.


– Brad arrived in Athens from Kurdish Iraq in November of 2007. Coming to Helping Hands for food and safety, Brad soon began asking questions about the Jesus Film, which plays on the ministry’s TV during the day. In fact, Brad had many questions about Christians and the Bible. Brad had always been curious about religions, but knew very little about even his own “Muslim” faith. When he came to Athens, Brad found the opportunity to ask questions of both Muslim and Christian friends – a freedom that was not available to him in Iraq. He would sit down with Kurdish Christians and ask question after question about Jesus, God, and the Bible. Later, Brad would go out and ask these same questions to practicing Kurdish Muslims here in Greece. At the same time, Brad moved into the Nest (our shelter and discipleship house), which proved to be a safe environment to ask questions about Jesus and the Bible. Brad had many questions, but slowly, over time, found himself drawn to Jesus. After much reflection and prayer, Brad decided that it was better to follow Jesus than a set of impersonal laws. From his own experience, Brad came to understand that laws, no matter how moral, left him unfulfilled and longing for more. Brad accepted Christ as His savior, and was baptized in August of 2008.

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