(Photo by teammate Kent Morley)

Last weekend we hosted a “seekers’ retreat” for Farsi-speakers who aren’t yet believers but have many questions about Jesus and the Bible. In the past, God has used these retreats in powerful ways to change the lives of those who attend. This weekend was no exception. Two staff members, four short-term volunteers, and six Farsi-speaking refugees made the short trek to a sea-side town about an hour outside of Athens. The schedule is simple: share a meal, play some games, present a short lesson on “Who is God” (or “What is the Bible,” or “Who is Jesus,” etc.), and open up for some Q&A. It’s simply about creating an environment that welcomes questions, discussion, and friendly interaction.

Early on in the retreat, one man (“M”) pulled Nader, a teammate, aside and asked for prayer. “I want to believe, but I am scared of the others. Please pray that God will open my eyes.” Nader put an arm around M’s shoulders, and began to pray.

Fear is a common obstacle to overcome for those drawn to Christ. Understandable, when we note that conversion to Christianity is a capital offense in many of the nations from which they come. Please pray for this particular seeker (“M”), that God would grant him the courage to follow Jesus. Pray for the many others like “M” who are struggle to seek Christ in the midst of such fear. Please pray against Satan’s work – especially through fear and intimidation – in the lives of these refugees.

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