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Nader & Ella from Iran and the Philippines (respectively) – Nader leads our Farsi-speaking ministries, and brings a heart for evangelism, leadership development, and excellence in all he does. In addition, Nader has a wonderful sense of humor; he loves to tell the epic story and sing songs about coffee. Ella brings a caring, motherly heart to the team. She is has a true pastoral heart for her teammates. Ella is a wonderful cook and gracious hostess!

Themis, Donna, & Becky from New Jersey – After ten years on the field, Themis still brings an excitement and openness to the ministry. Themis thrives both behind the scenes (finances, encouragement) and on center stage (teach/preaching, leadership). Donna is the single most hospitable American I know. She is constantly inviting people (teammates & refugees) into her home, but still finds time to personally invest in a number of relationships. Their daughter Becky is also serving with us, as she takes a year for ministry before going to college.

Kent & Myrna from Oregon – Our newest teammates, Kent & Myrna bring a fresh enthusiasm to the team. Kent has a heart for discipleship and is a natural teacher and leader. Myrna’s heart is an open book; she never hesitates to share her life and her love with others. Personally, now that they have six months under their belts, I am exited to see how they blossom in the ministry and on the team in the new year.

Kenn & Lisa from California – Kenn & Lisa are our team leaders, and both have a heart to see the team live out God’s call to the fullest! Kenn & Lisa are currently back in California for their daughter’s wedding. Please pray that this time at home with family will be refreshing for them both. Kenn & Lisa both have pastoral hearts and desire to see this team rest in God’s care and provision.

Nikos & Maria from Greece – Nikos has a voice, a smile, and a laugh that shine from across the room. Nikos was born as a preacher, and continues in this role as our link to the local Greek church. Almost every weekend, Nikos speaks at an evangelical church somewhere in Greece. He is a mouthpiece for what God is doing among the refugees in Athens. Also, Nikos does much of footwork for the ministry: gathering donations, garnering support, reviewing contracts, and making contacts for the ministry from across Greece.

Maria is the type of person you can sit with for hours and talk about anything (and as such, has been a great encouragement to Kristin). She is a warm and loving woman of God. However, please pray for her. In addition to being Nikos’ wife (a full-time job), she also teaches psychology at a university in Thessaloniki. The university is currently considering her for tenure, but because of some inner-university politics, her tenure and her position itself are at risk. Please pray for God’s guidance and reassurance during this time.

6 thoughts on “Our Team (2/2)

  1. Kendra – I’m saving your blurb for my post about my life inspirations: Dr. King; Paul the Apostle; Mother Teresa; and “the Kendra” (one name – like Madonna – because you’re just that cool; and the definite article because you’re like kinda Greek).

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