[First, allow me to apologize to our “northern brethren”: this post contains multiples pictures of (1) people in shorts and short sleeves, (2) outdoor activity that does not include snowshoes or the mushing of huskies, and (3) beautiful, sunny weather – 68 degrees and clear skies, to be exact. Our purpose here is not to taunt. But, as always, if you can’t take the cold, come visit!]

Sunday, Kristin and I participated in an ancient rite of sorts: The Athens Classic Marathon. Well, okay, not exactly; we chose to run in the slightly less ambitious 10 kilometer (6.2 miles) road race. However, we were honored to share in the marathon festivities, and a small portion of the marathon course. Click HERE for the storied history of this race. As the advertisements here say, “Run the Original!”

Running down Mesogeion Ave. at the 6th kilometer.

The finish line was in the historical Panathinaiko Stadium.
Carolyn & Sofia enjoyed the festivities from the sidewalk.

Kristin’s bib number and our participatory medals.

One thought on “The Athens Classic

  1. Congratulations on the race.. I can’t believe how good you look in this pictures after running.. I am so glad you enjoy it!! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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