Saturday was probably the busiest day in the year and a half that we’ve been here! We served about 815 meals, and had at least another 50, or so, people in line when we ran out of food. The line was out our front door, down the stairwell, and deep into the entryway of our building. Wow! Why? It’s due (I think) to a combination of things: many new families continuing to arrive from Turkey, cold and rainy weather, rumors of a toy give-away, and many people returning to Athens from Patra (rumor is that the police are picking refugees off the streets in Patra and deporting them – illegally – back to Turkey; whether it’s true or not, the rumor has caused more refugees to linger in Athens).

In the midst of this, our team is leaving on Wednesday afternoon for a four-day retreat. Would you pray for us during this time?!?!

– Please pray for our team. This could prove to be a pivotal time for our team’s sense of unity and purpose.
– Pray for our leadership team (Nikos, Kenn, Lisa, and Tim) as they attempt lead us into a discussion of our values, and how we do ministry.
– Pray for the other conversations that need to take place this week – both between teammates and the team as a whole. Pray for honesty and vulnerability, grace and truth.
– Please pray that this would be a refreshing time for our team, as it has been a busy month (and will continue to be busy for the foreseeable future). It’s good to take time to breathe, which is sometimes difficult in the midst of such crowds.
– Pray for me (Brett), as I will be preaching Sunday (the final day of our retreat) at Volos Greek Evangelical Church. I’m excited, and humbled, by the opportunity.
– In two weeks, we will begin our Christmas outreaches. Please begin praying now for those who will hear the gospel during this time. It is always one of the highlights of the year, but is also a very busy time.

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