I couldn’t embed the video on the blog, but HERE is a link to a BBC report about the refugee situation here in Greece. Our ministry is the Christian charity mentioned and shown in the video. The reporter is a friend of our regional director, and visited our ministry about a month ago.

I think that the report is (sadly enough) a fair and accurate representation of the problems here: lack of resources, crime, poverty, police brutality, and plenty of blame to be spread around to all (Greece, the EU, illegal immigrants, smugglers, etc.). In the midst of this daily reality, we are reminded again and again that our hope is in Christ alone! Please continue to pray for our ministry (as we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the need) and for the refugees (who truly are overwhelmed by need). Pray that many would find the only true Hope in the midst of such darkness. Again, please check this video out – watch it HERE.

*Also, due to a visa problem, the Egyptian evangelist who was coming to speak at our Arabic Christmas outreach (this Tuesday) cannot come. I will be speaking (through translation) in his absence. So, please pray for me as I begin putting the message together over the next two days, and as I preach on Tuesday evening. I am so thankful that God strength is shown through our weakness! Thanks so much for your prayers!

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