Three Prayer Requests

1 – Please pray for a dear friend of mine from Afghanistan – “S” – who was beaten in Athens last week because of his faith in Jesus Christ. “S” was baptized at one of our seeker retreats last fall. Since then, “S” has been an outspoken evangelist within the Afghan community here. He has been a profound encouragement to me over the last year. Please pray for “S”! Pray that God would heal the wounds (physical, emotional, spiritual) of this attack… that “S” would come to rely more fully each day on God’s grace. Pray for my friend’s continued boldness in sharing the gospel and the continued deepening of his faith.

2 – Yesterday was our first of three Christmas outreach dinners. Although our scheduled speaker (an Egyptian evangelist) could not attend due to visa problems, God is faithful. I shared a message about God’s love (as seen through the Christmas story) via translation. Please pray for those who heard the gospel last night. Pray that the gospel seed would grow in their hearts… and find fertile soil. We have two more dinners this week – Thursday and Saturday – both for Farsi-speakers. Please pray for these events. Pray that God would begin, even now, preparing the hearts of those who will come.

3 – Please pray for the city of Athens… for the restoration of peace and civility. As you’ve probably seen on the news, Athens is now entering a fifth day of rioting. Read the back story here. Our family and our team is safe, but ask for your prayers. Pray for safety and calm in these days of anger. Pray that the Greek Evangelical Church could offer a light in the darkness, pointing people toward the lasting peace of Jesus Christ.

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