Hey Friends! Here’s the latest from the Sanner family! Below is a text-only version of our December newsletter. Or, if you’d prefer, go to our website to download the .pdf file.

Christmas in Athens – 2008

Despite the ongoing riots, almost 300 people came to one of our three Christmas Outreach Dinners last week. Let me say that in another way: Despite ongoing riots, almost 300 people laughed together at the games, sat together to share a meal, and listened together to the true meaning of Christmas! These refugees heard about God’s love and held the word of God in their hands, many for the first time. As my friend Amir exclaimed after hearing the message of God’s love in Jesus, “I love Christmas!” Please join us in prayer for Amir and the many others who heard the gospel last week. Pray that the gospel seed would take root deep in their hearts, and that we will soon celebrate their salvation!

In all honesty, this is the most exciting time of the year. Over the next few months, our teammates and ourselves will have the opportunity to watch God’s work in the lives of these refugees. We will see God’s love changes lives! Nothing is more significant; nothing is more important; nothing is more inspiring. Please continue to pray for God’s work here in Athens. Please continue to pray that the name of Jesus is glorified in every nation, in every language, and among all people! Thank you for your support and prayers over the last year! Thank you for your partnership in this ministry!

Have a wonderful Christmas! – Brett, Kristin, & Sofia

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