Happy 2009! We hope that your first day of 2009 was a great kick start to the new year. We’re enjoying our time here in America. We have one week left before returning to Greece on the 10th. Here are some photos from our first 10 days (spent in the Chicago area).

Sofia did remarkably well on her first time plane ride.

Sofia gets to celebrate her birthday twice! This shot is from her first celebration – with the Jorna side. Kristin made her carrot cake muffins (she really loved the frosting!).

Sofia exhibits a bit of youthful enthusiasm while opening her gifts on Christmas day!

Spending some time downtown with friends!

The only negative so-far: Sofia got the chicken pox!

4 thoughts on “Friday Photos: 02/01/09

  1. I can’t believe how big and old she looks in the first few pics (the plane ride and also her birthday) Time flies doesn’t it?

    I do love this pic of the chicken pox too! Ugh what a bummer on your trip but nice to get it out of the way. I wonder where she picked it up!

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