Do you remember our fall retreat last November? Well, don’t worry, I don’t expect you to. We talked about ministry values. I’ve compiled some of the themes and developed the following list of ministry values for my own work at Helping Hands (i.e. this is not our official organizational statement). Do lists like this mean much to you? Do you find them helpful?

(1) Because we believe in the revelation of God’s Word, we value the authority of scripture and commit to minister and live under its authority.

(2) Because we believe in salvation by Jesus Christ alone, we value evangelism as acts of gospel demonstration and words of gospel proclamation.

(3) Because we believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we value intentional and relational discipleship as the means of living under His Lordship.

(4) Because we believe in God’s heart for the overlooked, we value refugees and others who are often disregarded by the world.

(5) Because we believe in the Kingdom of God, we value acts of compassion, justice, reconciliation, and mercy as signs of His rule in this world.

(6) Because there are no insignificant people in God’s Kingdom, we value the individual as the starting point of God’s redemptive work.

(7) Because God gives unique talents, passions, and gifts, we value community as the highest expression of team ministry.

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